Chargers' winning streak brings out rituals, superstitions

SAN DIEGO - As the Chargers got back to work Wednesday in preparation for their playoff game in Denver, 10News talked to some members of the team and fans around San Diego about any rituals or superstitions they believe are keeping this winning streak alive.

10News learned the Christmas decorations in the team's equipment room went up right before the team's winning streak began, "and they're going to stay up," said equipment manager Bob Wick.

Legendary Ocean Beach burger restaurant Hodad's received a call from the Chargers about having a Friday feast before the game against Oakland.

"We got a call to come out and serve burgers the Friday before the Oakland game; that Sunday they won, so we have been asked back every Friday," said Hodad's owner Mike Hardin. "We're turning out to be their good luck charm."

Meanwhile, several fans revealed their ongoing rituals during the Chargers' run.

"Oh, I have to deck the whole family out in Charger gear; the kids, the husband, myself, got to deck them out," said fan Kristina Sandoval.

Chargers fan Danielle Beck-Stack told 10News via Facebook that if she doesn't watch the game, the team will win.

10News asked Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers if he had any superstitions, and he said, "I know some players don't change their socks and that sort of thing, but if I don't eat the same thing or find the right wristband will I be in trouble? Nah."

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