Chargers try to defy odds once again: Team is 7-point underdogs vs. Bengals

Some oddsmakers say don't count out Bolts

SAN DIEGO - The oddsmakers have made the San Diego Chargers 7-point underdogs to the Cincinnati Bengals for Sunday's playoff game, but the Chargers have defied the odds all year.

"This is just a strange team statistically," said James Lackritz, Ph.D., professor emeritus and statistical consultant at San Diego State University.

"They do things they're not supposed to do and they don't do the things they're supposed to do, it's been a strange year," he added.

Statistically, the odds don't favor the Bolts.

"Look, when they played Cincinnati in San Diego, they were one-and-a-half point underdogs at home. Now they're going up there where the Bengals are 8-0 at home and 8-0 against the spread," said Las Vegas oddsmaker Johnny Avello.

True, said Lackritz, but on the other hand, "They've already beaten three of five playoff teams and did so on the road."

Eventually, he said what's supposed to happen will happen, but the real question he said, "What are you going to believe, science or fate?"

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