Chargers playoff run inspires fan to create rap song titled 'Electrocute that Mask'

SAN DIEGO - A new song about the San Diego Chargers has debuted on a local radio station and is giving the "San Diego Super Chargers" song a run for its money.

During the Morton in the Morning show on radio station Jammin' Z90, you could hear the sounds of Chargers anticipation, including the debut of a two-minute rap song titled "Electrocute that Mask."

The chorus unfolds: "About to electrocute that mask, electrocute that mask."

The mask of a Bengals player, that is.

The man behind the mic is Ali Arab, who owns a dry cleaning business and is a lifelong Chargers fan who calls rap a hobby.

One of his first Chargers memories was the Freezer Bowl loss in Cincinnati, but so many years later, there is now a chance at redemption.

"Got in by the skin of our teeth. All you see is my heels, then the bottom of my cleats," raps Arab in the song. "Feel the lightning before you hear the sound. Defense is gonna pound."

The lyrics came to an overly pumped Arab soon after the surprise playoff berth.

The rap song follows a long line of Chargers songs, including the classic "San Diego Super Chargers."

For the newest song, there is a different tone.

"Chargers fans, raise up the bolt. Now slam it through your enemy," urges the song.

Arab says he's thrilled it was played on the radio, but the only glory he's seeking is for the blue and gold.

"My goal is to show appreciation to the Chargers and to get the Chargers fans all hyped up," said Arab.

Following the Chargers' win over Cincinnati on Sunday, Arab created a new version of his song. Check it out for yourself (mobile users:

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