Chargers gear up for playoff game: Equipment manager no fan of Cincinnati weather

SAN DIEGO - With Sunday's game time temperatures expected to be in the low 30s with rain or snow, Chargers equipment manager Bob Wick is not about to take any chances.

"You can never over pack," he said as he prepared to stuff not only the regular amount of gear for an away game – about 20 big cases – but an additional 20 cases for cold weather gear.

Thermal socks, thermal gloves, stocking hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants and jackets will all make the trip aside with the regular gear the players need.  

"I'd rather have cases I didn't use than cases we didn't bring," he said.

The weather in Cincinnati can change day to day, Wick said, and he should know. He was a newly-hired member of the Chargers in 1982 when the team last played Cincinnati in the so called Freeze Bowl.

"We got caught off guard, that storm came in Saturday and we didn't know it would be that bad," Wick said.

That game holds the honor of being the coldest NFL game ever played at minus 59 degrees with the wind chill.

"I'm checking the weather service every day," he said.

When all is said and done, he and his staff will have packed away more than 8,000 pounds of gear for the trip which, begins Friday.

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