Chargers fan says playoff game brought hope

George Ricoy says being a fan is a way of life

SAN DIEGO - For George Ricoy, being a Chargers fan is not just a hobby, it has become a way of life.

He vividly remembers the heartbreaking loss during the Chargers' Super Bowl appearance in 1994. But he remained loyal. Instead, it inspired him to begin designing t-shirts as a hobby.

"All of our shirts have simple messages," he said. "I call it blue and gold inspired."

But with the Chargers missing the playoffs for the last three years, he says around this time of the year, he was always forced to look forward to the next season.

"I'd be at home not doing anything really … what everyone else is doing around this time if your team isn't in the playoffs," Ricoy said.

It is something that changed with last week's win against Kansas City. After that game, the Chargers were playoff bound, and Ricoy literally sold all 200 pieces of his merchandise for the first time ever.

The most popular is one that says "Believe!"

"They want to represent," said Ricoy. "They want to root for their team. It's that type of atmosphere … a good feeling."

He added that win reminded fans – both longtime and new – about having faith in your team.

"Loyalists stay behind the team regardless of their record," Ricoy said.

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