Chargers bandwagon gaining momentum

SAN DIEGO - A back-to-work day after the holiday week did not seem to slow traffic at the Chargers team store.

"I bought a lanyard and two shirts," said Marla Cooper.

She was among the Monday shoppers looking to add to their gear after the Chargers beat Cincinnati on Sunday to advance to the divisional playoffs against Denver next week.  

"It was awesome. We went to a bar to be with a lot of fans to watch instead of staying at home to see it. It was great," said Shane Stoner, who with his wife Sara, was also buying gear for next week. They came to the stadium to "soak it all in," she said.

The Chargers received a huge welcome home Sunday night from fans which, for a moment, stunned some of the players.

"This is so awesome, and so was seeing San Diego fans in the stands in Cincinnati," said quarterback Philip Rivers.

At the Monday news conference at Chargers Park, safety Eric Weddle said if the bandwagon is growing, so be it -- there is plenty of room.

"You know if you want to join in, join in," he said. "We're going to make the most of it."

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