CEOs go to war with Navy SEALs to make their businesses better

SAN DIEGO - Explosions, a hail of bullets, people screaming are all in a day's work in the heart of San Diego.

It is called "Strategic Operations Skills Training," located on the old Stu Segall Studios lot. It is the brainchild of The Jenks Group, a Solana Beach-based strategic services company. It is an elaborate and intense team building experience.

On Wednesday, a dozen San Diego-area CEOs and business leaders donned camouflage outfits, grabbed a rifle and went to war. It was simulated, of course.

"It was pretty amazing," said La Jolla-based Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Jim Canfield.

The team building war games are led by active and retired Navy SEALs.

"We'll tell them what they've learned," said program developer Ed Jenks. "Then we'll tell them how to use what they've learned in the workplace."

He added, "This is about subjugating yourself to your mission and that's what business is all about."

"I think what it does is allow you to feel what it really feels like when you're in the middle of split-second decision making," said Canfield.

Canfield added it also taught him about better communication.

"Make sure the whole team knows what we're trying to accomplish," he said. "That everybody knows their part in that."

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