Cell phone video captures rescue of two window washers at a downtown San Diego high-rise

Stranded window washers: "We had nowhere to go"

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - 10News is getting the first look at how two window washers spent a few terrifying hours suspended several hundred feet above downtown San Diego.

AJ Moyer and his colleague were rescued by firefighters after they got stuck on the 21st floor of the First Allied Plaza building Monday afternoon. 

"We just finished doing our drop, and then we were coming back up, and we were almost to the top when the motor started making banging sounds," described Moyer. "We tried to go up and down a couple of times, but it wouldn't let us go."
A motor malfunction stranded the two men in a 3 inch by 30 inch platform, more than 200 feet up in the air. Both men took out their iPhones to capture their view from the top. The cell phone footage showed a news helicopter circling overhead as firefighters rappelled down the building to Moyer and his co-worker, Ryan.
"The firefighters made it really comfortable," said Moyer. "They talked to calm us down, we were just talking about the harbor and how there's a big yacht in the harbor right now."
After a few hours, both men were lowered to a roof on the 16th floor. Moyer said only one thing was on his mind -- lunch.
"Where do you want me to wait for you?," asked Ryan in the video.
"Subway," said Moyer.
When 10News asked if Moyer will be looking for another job anytime soon, he replied he's already got a great job with a great view.
"I just figured if you've been doing this long enough, you will deal with something like this eventually, you know?," said Moyer.
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