Cash reward for Orange County man being offered by bounty hunters

Man to file suit against Lipstick Bounty Hunters

SAN DIEGO - The bounty hunters accused of going too far in their attempted capture of an Orange County man are stepping up their efforts to arrest him by offering a cash reward.

Video filmed about a week and a half ago shows Daniel Duvall struggling to get away from three female bounty hunters wearing pink who call themselves the Lipstick Bounty Hunters. They showed up at an Arby's in Huntington Beach to take Duvall into custody. The ladies were hired by a bail bond company that revoked Duvall's bail.

During the encounter, Duvall was Tasered and hit with rubber bullets.

"This one chick standing up, just shooting me blankly in the face… that's what happened to my eye," Duvall told 10News. "You can see in the video I grab my eye in the video."

Duvall has worn an eye-patch since then and says his vision is blurred.

He plans to file a lawsuit against Lipstick Bounty Hunters on Tuesday asking for millions, alleging the fame-seeking bounty hunters target criminals.

"They're placing their victims and the public at risk all for the sake of sensational video… all for the sake of a reality TV show that they want," said Duvall's attorney, Dan Gilleon.

Two of the women of Lipstick Bounty Hunters are sisters.

"The problem is -- is that these women and their brother -- it's a family here, the Golts and they have their own criminal problems themselves," said Gilleon.

Gilleon shared documents from the California Insurance Commissioner that show Teresa Lynn Golt, one of the women of Lipstick Bounty Hunters, has twice been convicted of misdemeanors.

She negotiated a bail even though her bail license had not been approved. One incident occurred while she was employed as a police officer for the city of Los Angeles. The documents also show that in 2009, Golt was ultimately granted an unrestricted bail license.

Meanwhile, the women are trying to finish the job they were hired for.

"The hunt begins and we are offering a cash reward for anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Danny Lee Duvall," said a woman on the Lipstick Bounty Hunters reward video on YouTube.

The bounty hunters claim they have given Duvall several opportunities to turn himself in. Duvall said he is not in hiding and does not have a warrant out for his arrest.

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