Suspect in brazen Cash Plus armed robbery to be arraigned: Second suspect charged

Men were tracked by SDPD's ABLE helicopter

SAN DIEGO - One of two men whose arrests were captured on police helicopter video after a brazen armed robbery in Rolando Park is scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

10News was first to air the dramatic footage.

Police said that a Cash Plus store was held up at gunpoint just before 7 p.m. Tuesday night. Because nearby businesses were already closed at the time, there were no witnesses except for one passerby who called police.

After the call from the tipster, San Diego Police Department's ABLE helicopter zeroed in on the two suspects as they ran from the scene.

The video shows two men running. One of the men tried to cross six lanes of traffic on University Avenue and tried to hide between parked cars.

But the suspect was being tracked by the chopper's infrared technology. Moments later, an officer ran up from behind, with his gun drawn and forced suspect number one to surrender and lie face down on the ground.

The second suspect was also spotted and his location was quickly relayed over police radio.

Police tracked him as he walked through an apartment complex.

"This guy is hanging out and just trying to blend in with the scenery here," said one ABLE crew member.

The man tried to hide inside a fenced-in backyard patio, but armed officers were there within seconds..

In the video, an officer could be seen kicking  the patio door open. The officers took down suspect number two at gunpoint.

Both men are now being held on $50,000 bail, charged with second-degree robbery.

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