Carmel Valley residents opposed to AT&T's proposed plan to build cell tower on public library

Residents say tower is eyesore, health risk

SAN DIEGO - Wireless company AT&T wants to put a cell tower on the roof of the Carmel Valley Library, but concerned residents showed up to a meeting Tuesday evening to ask why the tower should be placed on that particular rooftop.

The company says the tower will help improve in-home wireless service, but at a meeting with the city of San Diego and AT&T, residents did not need a cell tower to make sure they were heard loud and clear.

"Totally ridiculous ... Please, City Council, think about this," said one resident.

At Tuesday's meeting, concerned residents gathered to ask questions about the proposed cell tower. The tower would be concealed on the rooftop of the library, and it would consist of 12 antennas, 24 remote radio units and other equipment.

Residents say they are concerned about the proximity to schools, residences and the newly remodeled Del Mar Highlands Town Center.

The biggest concern for people attending the meeting was the health risk the tower poses to people using the library and those living nearby.

Han Cho, who owns a business in the community and lives nearby, said, "Radiation ... just overall I just don't like a cellular tower right next to us so close."

Cho told 10News he is not comfortable with a cell tower being on top of the library his family uses weekly.

A representative from the city was present and said residents' concerns are being taken seriously.

"We're here to listen to concerns and take them back to the people who need to know what the community thinks," said Bruce Johnson, the deputy director of the city of San Diego's libraries.

Johnson told 10News he understands that the residents of the Carmel Valley neighborhood are not happy with the proposed plans.

A community planning board meeting to discuss a recommendation has been tentatively set to take place Feb. 27.

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