Carlsbad man in viral whale video shares his story

Video has been viewed 4.6M times

SAN DIEGO - A Carlsbad man who watched as his friends were nearly swallowed by humpback whales is sharing his whale tale.

Video of the close call has gone viral with more than 4.6 million views on YouTube.

Two friends were snorkeling this past weekend, enjoying a feast of underwater sights, when Jeremy Bonnett watched his friends nearly become a feast for two whales, including the one closest to the boat.

"Another six feet and he would have been in the mouth," said Bonnett.

Just minutes before, there were warning signs caught in the distance on their video.

More than two miles offshore near San Luis Obispo, a humpback whale breached with seagulls circling.

It was feeding time.

Soon after that sight, the water around Bonnett's boat started boiling.

"It wasn't from heat, but fish. It was fish jumping out of the water," said Bonnett.

All the men, two in the water and two on the boat, knew a predator was nearby.

A split second later, two humpback whales breached, their 6-foot-wide mouths open, gobbling up the fish just feet from his friends.

For Bonnett, seen in the video and heard cursing and laughing, there was an initial thrill.

"I was safe on the boat, so I was just excited, like, 'Whoa, what's going on here?' As the whales went down, I realized my friends were in the water and I should be concerned," said Bonnett.

There was concern and a realization about how lucky they were.

The whales could have accidentally swallowed the divers or capsized the boat. Plans for more dives came to an end.

"We discussed it and realized we probably ran out of karma that day and didn't want to risk doing a second dive," said Bonnett.

What they did do is put the video on YouTube. Days later, millions of hits and quite an interesting tale to tell.

"It's been crazy. I wasn't expecting a response like this," said Bonnett.

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