Carlsbad High School student attends prom days after his home burned down

CARLSBAD, Calif. - A Carlsbad High School student whose home burned down in the wildfire is showing his resilience.

Adam Gilmore and his family lost everything when the Poinsettia Fire tore through their neighborhood.

The family searched through charred remains Monday, trying to find anything of value or sentiment underneath the rubble.

His father Jeffrey Gilmore had little time to evacuate after receiving the reverse 911 call.

"We just fled, didn't have a pair of shoes … left my wallet on the couch," he said. "Everything is completely gone."

The family lost almost everything. During their hunt, the family found some surprises.

"We found things like this ring," said Adam. "It is my dad's Coast Guard ring he got a long time ago, so this ring has a lot of sentimental value."

Adam, a senior at Carlsbad High School, now proudly wears his father's ring. He is just two weeks away from graduating and is not letting the fire get in the way of his senior year experience.

"There were a lot of memories that burned to the ground, so going to prom was creating new ones," he said.

"He went to prom and his day was wonderful, he got to spend time with friends, but it wasn't the experience it should've been," said his father.

Adam's friends have also rallied around him during this tough time. On Monday, a friend delivered a $500 check from Hollywood film director William Condon.

"This is really amazing. I don't have words for things like this," said Adam.

He plans to attend San Diego State University and major in theater, film, television with an emphasis in performance.

The family is staying in a hotel but will get a rental home until they can rebuild in the same place.

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