Carlsbad Flower Fields thriving despite drought

Owners have made fields 'drought-proof'

CARLSBAD, Calif. - The owners who run the famous flower fields in Carlsbad have found a way to make the flower farm drought-proof.

People come from all over the world to see the Flowers Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, and now most of the 55 acres are in full bloom despite the drought that is plaguing California.

Visitor Yuchen Xu told 10News, "It's crazy for me because I'm from China and in China there's no such large fields full of flowers so it's really beautiful and really fantastic."

Caren Crisp, who is visiting from Illinois, said, "I was really pleasantly surprised by how many flowers there really are and how much of it is in bloom."

Crisp didn't think she would see an endless bounty of blooms because it is still so early. However, Flower Fields General Manager Fred Clarke said the weather actually played a part.

"Since there have been no cloudy days, we've had lots of sunlight and it's brought the crop on quicker for us. So we have some of the best early color we've ever seen," Clarke said.

Rain has eluded San Diego, as the region is about 4 inches shy of where it should be this time of year.

But the farm owners did something a few years ago that made them immune to a drought. It installed one of Carlsbad's recycled water pipes.

"We were able to have one laid parallel to our property so we can pull reclaimed water out of the city's system and we're actually drought-proof because of that," Clarke said.

Clarke feels the fields are as glorious as ever.

"It's the 9th wonder of the world! I don't know what the 8th wonder is but this is the 9th wonder of the world. You cannot see this anywhere else on the planet!" he said.

The drought has affected the amount the farm pays for its water. The owners are paying 50 percent more than a few years ago.

This year, the price of admission at the Flower Fields is up $1, making adult admission $12.

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