Car slams into utility pole, home in Lemon Grove

Neighbors: Car at speeds up to 100 mph

LEMON GROVE - Crews were working Monday to fix a utility pole that was severely damaged after a driver plowed into it, as well as a house along Massachusetts Avenue in Lemon Grove.

The crash happened at 9 p.m. Sunday.

Residents told 10News they heard the car crash and that the car was traveling at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. 

"It sounded like an earthquake to me, it was that loud," one resident said. "I think our house rumbled, it was pretty loud."

10News was at the scene as the older model station wagon faced toward the street with its front windshield smashed in.  The crash knocked over a power pole and caused wires to dangle and fall into the street.

The car came to rest in Kelley East’s front yard.

“We didn’t come out right a-way, we stayed in the back bedroom, and listened to what was going on. We were concerned about the driver getting into our house, and coming after us for some reason,” East said.

Firefighters, Sheriff’s deputies and SDG&E crews responded to the crash.

Police blocked off Massachusetts Avenue in both the northbound and southbound directions as crews tried to get control of the downed lines, assess the scene and make sure no one was injured inside the home.

East adds the driver had several car batteries in his trunk. Though his car never hit her house, she told 10News the batteries smashed her windows.

 “We were scared -- there were a lot of loud noises, screaming, craziness going on,” East said.

Despite her front yard being wrecked, East said she still feels lucky, because things could have ended much worse.

“I’m all about the aftermath. As long as the people that I love and myself are safe and my dog is happy. That’s all that really matters to me,” East said.

There were no reports of power outages. The driver was taken into custody and faces driving under the influence charges.

Neighbors said the driver grabbed the power lines as he emerged from the car and that he begged authorities not to arrest him.

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