Car slams into Bay Ho-area home

SAN DIEGO - A woman is fortunate to be alive after a car slammed into her home in Bay Ho.

The crash occurred at about 12:30 p.m. in the 3600 block of Massasoit Avenue, according to police.

"I was just standing there watching it and I really didn't know what to do," said neighbor Tom Riccardi.

He could not believe his eyes when he saw a car crash into the living room of his next door neighbor's house.

"It was so fast I thought it was literally going to go through the house," Riccardi said.

The impact left cracks in the wall and shattered the front window. Neighbors say the homeowner was lying on the couch with her dog at the time.

Officers say the homeowner sustained an injury to her leg but she was able to safely get out through a window.

As soon as they heard the crash, neighbors ran outside to help.

"She came out climbing over the car asking for help and asking for her dog, is her dog OK because she couldn't find her dog," said neighbor Leyla Jones.

The dog was not seriously hurt and was taken to the vet to get checked out.

Police questioned the driver, who was visibly distraught as she sat on the sidewalk. Officers say her boyfriend was teaching her how to drive when the crash occurred. Police say she lost control, struck two vehicles and barreled into the home.The couple and a little boy who was also inside the car were not hurt.

Residents say it is hard to believe everyone was OK.

"I honestly can't believe she's walking and talking. She's very lucky," Jones said.

The driver who caused the crash was not cited.

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