Car hits air valve, goes down embankment in Otay Mesa: Driver arrested on suspicion of DUI

SAN DIEGO - A South Bay family spent Super Bowl Sunday dealing with a huge mess after a suspected drunken driver lost control of his car on Del Sol Boulevard in Otay Mesa just before noon.

Israel Martinez was in his home when he heard the sound of gushing water.

"When I came out from my house, I just saw a bunch of water, like a waterfall, and when I saw that, there was this car that came through the back of the fence," said Martinez.

The driver's car sheered an air valve and damaged a water line before plowing through a fence and careening down a steep embankment. The car came to a stop just feet from Martinez's home on Del Sol Court.

"The first thing that I had going through my mind was that the water was going inside my house, but thank God it was just the mud," said Martinez.

No one was injured. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

"You could tell by looking at his face, I know he was scared, but I could tell by looking at his face, at some point, he was somewhere else," said Martinez.

The car belonged to a relative of the driver's roommate. Kyle Anderson told 10News his roommate was supposed to pick him up. They live in the neighborhood.

"When he answered, he told me someone swerved in front of him, tried cutting him off and he just lost control of the road ... that's what he told me, but that's not what it looks like," said Anderson. 

Anderson told 10News his roommate does not really drink a lot and described him as a "peaceful guy."

"He told me he got in a car accident, he was all nonchalant about it, he said he hit a fire hydrant, but this isn't a fire hydrant, this is a fence in someone's backyard," said Anderson.

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