Elderly man accidentally crashes car into Poway garage

POWAY, Calif. - An elderly man lost control of his car Wednesday night and plowed into the garage of his home in Poway.

The incident occurred at about 7:30 p.m. in the 13000 block of Twin Circle Court, where deputies say the driver was trying to park in his garage.

Instead, neighbors tell 10News the man backed up into a neighbor's car and boat three houses down. Witnesses say the driver stopped and then accelerated forward straight into his home, taking out a large chunk of his garage.

"He reversed three houses down from his house, spun that car around, hit a boat, then put it in drive, and he was coming in around 50 miles an hour," explained neighbor Darius Framorsa. "He walked away without a scratch, but he was shaken up. He won't talk properly. He had a stroke, his wife said, so maybe [he suffered] another one?"

Part of the garage collapsed on top of the car, trapping the man inside. Fire crews rescued the man and city workers quickly repaired the foundation of the home.

Family members did not want to talk, but tell 10News they plan on checking the driver into the hospital Wednesday night.

Sheriff's deputies say they will be investigating if any medical conditions impaired the man behind the wheel. No other injuries were reported.

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