Car break-ins reach alarming rate in Fallbrook: 116 reported near downtown area since November

FALLBROOK, Calif. - San Diego County sheriff's deputies are planning a community meeting in Fallbrook on Thursday to address a crime wave: 116 vehicle burglaries since November. 

Branden Blakemore was not robbed but his new truck was parked in the crime zone around downtown Fallbrook and it was vandalized.

"Well, on April Fool's Day, someone came around and slashed all four of my tires," he said.

Neighbors at a nearby apartment complex hear about it and worry.

Samantha Welch told 10News, "Makes me feel unsafe. We have very valuable things and we need to keep them safe.  I make sure I get all my things out, come back down and lock it as soon as possible."

The vehicle break-ins have meant a booming business for a local car alarm shop. Nado Marquez is manager of Fallbrook Car Stereo. 

"People come in asking for shock sensors, motion sensors and keyless entry style alarms to protect their cars," he said.

He showed 10News photos of four cars broken into in recent months. All are now equipped with alarm systems.

"Our biggest clientele now is used car lots," he said.

The sheriff's department says 70 percent of the thefts were into unlocked vehicles. The rest were the result of windows being smashed or doors or windows being forced open.

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