Friends hold vigil for 31-year-old mother killed while riding her motorcycle on Hwy 94

Neysa Ornelas leaves behind 7-year-old son

SAN DIEGO - Family and friends of 31 year old Neysa Ornelas gathered at the waterfront of Mission Bay Park Thursday to say goodbye to a friend and fellow biker.

"She was full of life, a free spirit," said Ornelas' friend Bill Perez. 

A free spirit that touched the lives of many people.  Some of them brought candles and memories to the shores of Mission Bay Park. 

"She was very sweet, very passionate about riding," said Lili Schleif, a friend. 

Ornelas was passionate about riding her Ducati motorcycle.  A friend posted YouTube video of her riding the road she loved so much, State Route 94.  It was where she would lose her life. 

"This was an accident that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time where it just could not have been avoided, no matter how skilled she was, how much protective gear she was wearing," said Adrian Velazquez, a friend.

The California Highway Patrol said Ornelas was wearing state of the art protective gear when she was riding on Feb. 3.  They said an 85-year old man driving a Ford F-150 truck pulled out right in front of her as she rounded a curve.  She didn't have a chance. 

"Unfortunately, she went in and broadsided with the truck and... it was just tragic," Velazquez said.

Ornelas leaves behind a 7-year old son, Derryyin.  The bikers at the vigil asked that Ornelas' death serve as a reminder to all of us on the road to watch out for motorcycles. 

"People out there need to be careful and watch out for us," Schleif said.

A special memorial ride and fundraiser will be held Sunday, March 17 at South Bay Motorsports in Chula Vista.  All the money raised will go toward the raising of Ornelas' son.

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