Candidates lining up to replace Bob Filner as mayor of San Diego

Nathan Fletcher, 5 others file paperwork

SAN DIEGO - Former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher filed the necessary paperwork Monday to create an exploratory committee for another possible San Diego mayoral run.

Fletcher, who fell short of making the runoff election in last year's mayoral campaign, had signaled last week his intention to run in a special election to replace Mayor Bob Filner, whose resignation becomes official Friday.

He made waves last year when he left the Republican Party to become an Independent, not long after he failed to secure the endorsement of the county GOP. He later re-registered as a Democrat.

Five other candidates filed forms Monday stating their intention to run, including Jared Mimms, who says on his Linkedin page that he has founded or co-founded four companies; psychiatrist Ashok Parameswaran; Kurt Schwab, who founded an organization for veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq; Mark Schwartz, a Libertarian activist who created a Facebook page for his campaign last month; and David Tasem, who operates a taxicab business.

Mimms listed his city of residence as Poway, an incorporated municipality outside of San Diego's city limits.

One of last year's candidates, website owner Tobiah Pettus, announced his intention to run last week.

The City Clerk's Office is proposing the special primary election be held Nov. 19.

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