Candidates in hotly contested 52nd District cast their ballots

Scott Peters, Brian Bilbray in dead heat


The candidates running in the newly formed 52nd Congressional District cast their ballots Tuesday morning, leaving the decision over who will represent the area in Washington to the voters.

Port Commissioner and Democrat Scott Peters voted in La Jolla early Tuesday morning, while Republican U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray cast his ballot in Pacific Beach.

It is a race that has been expensive and very close.  Super PACs have given more than $4 million for local ads -- mostly negative.

Peters says he is confident about the results and feels he can make the change needed in government.

“[I will] go to Washington and take the attitude we have in San Diego, which is we work together to get things done. That’s what I‘ve done, whether it’s working on downtown, or cleaning up beaches and bays, or completing Highway 56, or expanding the convention center,” Peters said.

Bilbray, who brought his daughter Briana, to vote with him, argues he has the experience to fight for San Diegans.

“Having somebody that actually knows how to get the job done is important. [It’s] critical. We don’t have time to have somebody to go back to Washington and try to learn the rules of the game. We need somebody who can start immediately and that’s what I plan on doing.”

The latest scientific 10News poll shows the candidates in a dead heat. The recent redistricting has evened out the numbers of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in the district.  

Bilbray told 10News the new lines are “exciting.”

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