Camp Pendleton road rage victim tells his side of the story

Victim says Marine who went ballistic apologized

CAMP PENDLETON - The man who was targeted in a road rage incident on Camp Pendleton is breaking his silence about the profanity-laced attack.

19-year-old Mike McCurdy-Quintana was behind the wheel of his pickup April 1 when he says he was cut off by a car driven by Marine Sgt. Joshua Brightman. Their bumpers barely touched, said McCurdy-Quintana, but Brightman was incensed.

Video: Inside Edition interviews driver in Marine's road rage incident

"I was prepared to get out and confront the man, but as soon as he got out and was saying I'm going to (expletive) kill you, I immediately locked the doors," said McCurdy-Quintana in an interview on the television program "Inside Edition."

The driver, who is seen in the video staring forward and ignoring the tirade, said he focused on the music playing on his car radio. An AC/DC song is heard in the background of the video that his sister shot.

McCurdy-Quintana said the only time he got upset was when Brightman crossed to his sister's side of the pickup and began shouting profanities at her.

"It was uncalled for," said McCurdy-Quintana.  "It's just disrespectful for anyone to hear those words."

In a telephone interview, McCurdy-Quintana told 10News about a strange meeting he and his sister attended Thursday. He claimed they were escorted to a private room on base where Brightman was waiting for them.  McCurdy-Quintana said he believes Brightman was ordered to apologize, and claimed that apology was insincere.

"He seemed like he was trying to reassure himself that he's still a good Marine," said the young driver.

10News contacted the Marines at Camp Pendleton to find out whether any charges have been filed in connection with the incident. 10News was told the matter is still under investigation.

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