Cameras capture armed robbery at Midway adult store: 10News speaks with Adult Depot clerk

Robbery at Adult Depot in Midway

SAN DIEGO - Surveillance cameras captured a dramatic armed robbery that took place at a Midway-area adult store, where a clerk and a customer were held at gunpoint.

10News spoke with the clerk about his terrifying ordeal.

On April 14, two gunmen rushed into the Adult Depot in the 3400 block of Kurtz Street and ran out with about $300 in cash.

"I could see two gentlemen coming into the store, carrying two semi-automatic pistols towards my face," said Javier Zevada, the clerk.

Zevada was the only employee on-duty at 4 a.m. April 14 when the robbery took place. The incident was captured on eight different security cameras.

One footage showed the gunman forcing the clerk to open the cash register.

"He aims the gun right in the back of my head and I could see his hand trembling, the pistol was trembling in the back of my head," said Zevada.

A customer was also forced to the ground and patted down before being told to put his hands above his head. Then the robbers went to the peep-show viewing area, opening each door, and looking for other customers.

The robbers left shortly after and Zevada activated the store's panic button.

"I press it for five seconds and the police department is notified," said Zevada.

Police officers quickly arrived at the store and conducted a search, but there were no arrests made.

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