Caltrans making improvements to protect San Diego High School after crashes

Cars have crashed onto school's baseball field

SAN DIEGO - Relief for a San Diego High School baseball coach and his team as steps to make the baseball field safer are being put into place.

There have been two recent crashes involving cars that have careened out of control, plowed through a fence and onto the school's baseball field, barely missing players.

The incidents had the coach Tim Staninger and others asking how to improve the space to make it safer for the kids.

Caltrans already had plans to install a guardrail along the fence, but they sped up the process after the most recent crash.

"The guardrail will help to keep vehicles on the roadway," said Cathryne Bruce-Johnson of Caltrans.

"I just want the kids to be safe and not have to worry about being hit by a car," Staninger told 10News.

Even the players are still in shock that the crashes happened.  

"Whenever I go over there, it all kind of hits me again and it's scary, I mean, my nerves, the fence is back up, but it's not going to change anything; it's just going to be the same," player Victor Mohler told 10News.

The guardrail should be in place by Monday afternoon.

Staninger hopes this will help, but he wants even more to be done and he's not the only one.

"It's just wood and metal; it's not going to make it any safer," said Mohler.

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