Enough signatures collected for initiative that would repeal Calif. transgender equality law

Petition drive lands over half million signatures

SAN DIEGO - Opponents of a new California law that gives transgender students certain rights said Sunday that they had collected enough signatures for an initiative that would repeal the law.

A coalition of conservative groups called Privacy for all Students submitted 620,000 signatures to get the initiative on the November 2014 ballot, said Frank Schubert, the political strategist handling the signature-gathering effort.

California law is to take effect Jan. 1 to allow students – kindergarten through 12th grade – to choose sports teams and bathrooms that match their gender identities. But a petition drive seeking a referendum to repeal that law has already collected more than the 505,000 signatures needed to put it on the ballot.

Attorney Dean Broyles is president of the National Center for Law and Policy. 

"I think it's pretty significant that the organization was able to obtain over half a million signatures in less than 90 days," said Broyles. "That's a pretty amazing feat.”

Supporters of the law are already preparing for battle.

Autumn Sandeen is a transadvocate. 

"How we fight this is to humanize the transyouth in question," said Sandeen. "Right now the transyouth are being portrayed as bathroom predators and it's simply not the case."

The right to privacy will be a central issue.

"No student, especially at a young age, should be exposed to the student of the opposite sex in intimate settings like bathrooms, locker rooms and showers," said Broyles.

Sandeen told 10News that a precedent is already in place for the transgender students to choose. 

"Los Angeles Unified School District has had a policy in place for eight years and they report they've had no problems," said Sandeen.

The referendum would be next November with almost certain legal challenges, no matter the outcome.

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