California officials propose placing convicted predator in Spring Valley

SAN DIEGO - State hospital officials Thursday proposed placing a convicted pedophile and sexually violent predator on a 2.2-acre piece of private property in Spring Valley.

Terry Stone, 63, was convicted on three separate occasions for committing lewd and lascivious acts against children between the ages of 6 and 11.

Stone's crimes spanned a 10-year period, and in 1994, he was sentenced to 19 years in state prison.

Prior to his release from custody, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office filed a petition to commit him as a sexually violent predator. Instead of being released, Stone was committed to a state hospital as an SVP in February 2003.

Last year, Stone filed a petition seeking conditional release from the hospital, and in December, a judge ruled that he could safely be released into the community for continued treatment and supervision.

The home at 2919 Millar Ranch Road is within just a couple of miles of five schools and is right across the street from a home child day care center.

The home's gate was locked, so 10News couldn't talk to the day care operator.

Thursday, 10News ran into Randy Green at the proposed home for Stone. Green said his landlord told him Stone would have to wear a monitoring bracelet but he didn't get any details about Stone's crimes against children.

Alex Villalba, who works down the street, said, "I believe these guys as soon as they get a chance they're going to do it again."

He said he doesn't believe they can be rehabilitated, adding, "I don't think so. I think they need a special place to be at and watch and no kids around."

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob is angry about Stone's possible release in Spring Valley. She sent out a statement saying, "Enough is enough. This is the third time in recent months that the state has moved to dump a sexually violent predator in East County."

A hearing at which the public can comment on the proposed release is scheduled for March 17.

Prior to the hearing, members of the public can send their comments on the proposed placement to the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force, by e-mail, at;

  • by calling SAFE at (858) 495-3619, or;
  • by mail at SVP Release/SAFE Task Force, 9425 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA., 92123.
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