Butterfly Park In National City undergoes $100K revitalization

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A major renovation to a popular park in National City ended Sunday after four days of hard work.

Hundreds of local volunteers came together to put the finishing touches on Butterfly Park, with the help of tens of thousands of dollars in private donations.

Hundreds of local volunteers began the four-day revitalization of  Butterfly Park Thursday.

On Sunday, volunteers put in the final touches.

“What was an abandoned park space ... a lot of broken glasses and bottles .... we're turning it into a beautiful piece of art,” said Caitlin Shields of The Pomegranate Center.

The revamping of the park was made possible with a $100,000-donation from several companies and local non-profit organizations.

 “The park was unused space," said Shields. "National City had started to build a park and run out of funding so there was just a blank space here and it was a hangout for people to come and not really productively spend their time."

Even National City Mayor Ron Morrison got his hands dirty.

 “Just a fantastic area for the young people and for the community at-large,” said Morrison.

Morrison was just one of the many neighborhood volunteers who helped out.

 “We've had about 40 to 50 volunteers every day just doing everything from brush clearing to cement work to mosaic work,” said Morrison.

Residents say they are grateful to have a place close to home they can be proud of.

“This was private money, so it's not city money or anything along that line doing all of this, and at the same time you've got community investment," said Morrison. "A lot of the time, the city is going to make a park, then the city has to maintain it. The city is supposed to patrol it, no, citizens are going to be taking care of it because they have their own ownership of it."

Butterfly Park is located at East 20th and Palm Avenue in National City.

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