Busy travel day expected at Lindbergh Field on day before Thanksgiving

57,000 expected to pass through airport on Wed.

SAN DIEGO - An extremely busy travel day is expected at Lindbergh Field on Wednesday, according to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

Approximately 57,000 travelers are expected to pass through San Diego's airport on the day before Thanksgiving, according to the Authority.

Due to expected traffic volume and lines to check luggage and go through security checkpoints, airport officials advise passengers on domestic flights to arrive 90 minutes before their scheduled departures, while travelers to international destinations are urged to arrive two-and-a-half hours before departure time.

Lindbergh Field is trying to ease the pain by beefing up the number of traffic officers to keep lines moving. It has also added more volunteers to keep travelers happy. To help get them in the spirit, Christmas carolers will be staffed around the airport.

The TSA has also rolled out new security measures in time for smooth holiday sailing. Screening for children under 12 and for adults older than 75 has changed. They no longer have to take off their shoes and jackets at checkpoints.

The largest crowd is expected to be at Terminal 1, but Terminal 2 may be no picnic either. Airport construction may cause some tie ups. Driver Bruce Black has been in and out all day.

"Especially on Terminal 2, they're trying to replace all that and trying to park and walk, I get tired just doing that," he said.

The crowd at the airport is larger this year compared to last year.

"We have about 8,000 more seats this week than we did last year Thanksgiving time, which we think is a really great sign for the economy, for our airport but it does mean there are 8,000 more potential travelers trying to come in when you want to come in," said Katie Jones, who is with the San Diego Airport Authority.

The bulk of travelers in Southern California are not flying at all. According to AAA, 87 percent will opt to drive.

The airport has also added a larger cell phone lot, which is expected to ease the congestion as well.

Sunday is expected to be the busiest day of the year at Lindbergh Field with an estimated 59,000 passengers flying back home.

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