Burned puppy left at Chula Vista Animal Care facility adopted: 'Burnie' finds new home

SAN DIEGO - A puppy that was badly burned and abandoned at the Chula Vista Animal Care facility now has a new home and family to call his own.

Deborah Anderson is Burnie's new mom. She said she first saw Burnie while watching 10News.

"I just wanted him to have a home where he was safe and wouldn't have to worry about anything like that again," said Anderson.

Vets believe the puppy was burned by a liquid chemical.

Anderson said she fell in love with Burnie instantly. Weeks later, he was meeting the rest of Anderson's family, including Clyde, her other puppy.

"He and Clyde just clicked right away and just played really hard," said Anderson. "We went to take them apart and he didn't want to split up."

As far as Burnie's name, Anderson says she will likely keep it.

"There is that dark humor as it is," she said. "Burnie and Clyde have a good ring and he already seems to respond to it."

Anderson said the focus now is on making sure Burnie feels loved as he enjoys his new forever home.

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