Burglary suspect sees cops, jumps into water

SAN DIEGO - A man carrying some suspicious looking items while walking along the Silver Strand was so spooked by police when they stopped to check out what he was doing that he jumped into the water and tried to swim away.

The incident happened near the Coronado Cays.

Police say they thought the man was up to no good because he appeared to be carrying burglary tools and had a laptop in his hands, all of which were thrown in to the water when the guy jumped in.

Police followed the man along the shoreline and were able to get him out of the water with the assistance of a boat crew. The man had swam from the area of Spinnaker to Blue Anchor Cay.

While police began questioning the man about what exactly he was doing, other officers spent time combing the shoreline for evidence.

There is no word yet on whether the man has been charged with a crime.

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