Burglary attempts reported over weekend in Scripps Ranch

SAN DIEGO - 10News confirmed that two more burglary attempts were made in broad daylight over the weekend in Scripps Ranch.

Burglars struck twice on Saturday. One home targeted was on Blue Summit Court.

The Miller family was taking a walk on Monday evening, very aware that there have been hot prowls nearby.

"We are aware of it and we're keeping an eye out and some of the other neighbors are actually putting cameras up to turn around and find these people and get pictures of them," said neighbor Steve Miller.

A total of six young men were arrested in two days in mid-November in connection with separate incidents in Scripps Ranch and Poway.

The burglary attempts have not ended, however. A condo complex was hit on Saturday as well.

"I don't know if in the condo case that they had the opportunity to lock the side gate but we tell everybody to lock their side gates," said Cheryl Shaw, who is with the Neighborhood Watch. "That's how they got into my house… came right down the side gate."

That is out of sight of street traffic and the burglar can also make a little noise without being noticed.

"He went around to the backyard and tried to pry the sliding glass door off the track and what happened is they partially removed it to get the glass out and left," said Shaw.

Past police reports note brazen criminals stealing a big screen television, but cash and jewelry are most often the loot of choice.

"The things they seem to be targeting lately are small items that they can carry quickly and probably get rid of quickly," said Shaw.

Something scared off the burglars in these most recent attempts, since nothing was taken.

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