Burglar targets Chula Vista home that was being fumigated

Investigators may have a lead with soda cans

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A South Bay couple's daughter contacted 10News after her parents returned to find their fumigated home ransacked and burglarized.

The incident occurred near Fourth Avenue and L Street in Chula Vista.

"I walk in and it looks like a tornado was blowing around in here," said Jon Yamada.

He had his Chula Vista home tented for fumigation last Thursday. When he and his girlfriend came home Monday morning, he said he saw everything strewn around.

Yamada's girlfriend Sheri Koenig told 10News, "They went through my drawers. They went through every single one of my boyfriend's drawers and dumped them out and took the time to take the drawer and dump it out here."

But the burglar did not take what burglars usually take.

Koenig said, "When I did come, I saw that the TV was here and the other TV too. And I said, 'The TVs are here.' He said, 'I know. Somebody must have spooked them and they left quickly.'"

That is exactly what police say happened. They say Terminix employees came to the home Saturday to air it out and saw a man running out of the home with a knife. The burglar got away and the Terminix employees called police.

Investigators may have one lead with some soda cans. Apparently, the burglars drank several of them and left behind the cans. Police hope there may be some very valuable fingerprints on them.

"I feel so violated," Koenig said.

Her daughter called 10News after she heard what happened. She wishes Terminix would have called her.

"I'm angry that they didn't call us Saturday and tell us that there was somebody coming out of here with a knife," said Koenig.

10News asked a Terminix manager about its policy for locking doors on the homes it fumigates and was told they follow state law requiring them to double-lock all doors. The manager says the tent had been cut but he had no idea how the burglar got into the home.

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