Brutal Details Emerge In Solana Beach Slaying

Son Accused Of Killing Mom Pleads Not Guilty

A man arrested on suspicion of killing his mother in her Solana Beach home pleaded not guilty Friday at the Vista Courthouse.

Bryan Chenhua Chang, 28, was taken into custody without incident at his Los Angeles home Wednesday night in connection with the death of Sherry Chu Chang, said sheriff's Lt. Dennis Brugos.

The body of the 60-year-old victim bore signs of substantial trauma when she was found Monday at her home on Santa Florencia near San Elijo Lagoon, Brugos said.

Deputy District Attorney Rachel Solov said, "It appears there had been recent disputes regarding the mother's continued financial support of him. The victim was concerned because the defendant wanted more money and a new car."

Solov said Bryan Chang cut off his mother's right arm and part of her skull and placed it in the refrigerator, reported 10News' Allison Ash.

"The body was found in the downstairs bathroom. Her right arm was missing, as was the back of her skull. It appears she was killed in an upstairs room, as there was a large amount of blood, skull and brain matter in the upstairs room. In that room, there was a bloody fingerprint on the plantation shutters that matched the defendant's fingerprints," said Solov. "The victim's right arm and a piece of her skull were found in a refrigerator. There was a large serrated knife in the sink and a large knife in the dishwasher."

Solov told the Judge Joan Weber a trash can that had substantial amount of what appears to be blood and body fluids, as well as what appear to be the victim's bloody clothes was found in the garage.

Solov said Chang may have tried to clean up the crime scene.

Solov said, "The cause of death was blunt-force trauma to the head. Additionally, the victim suffered broken ribs, facial fractures and bruising that appear consistent with a claw hammer. It appears the cuts to the body were done post-mortem."

Chang attempted to use his mother's credit card several times, but he did not have the correct PIN, according to Solov.

On the victim's desk was a printout of credit card bills that contained various charges from Los Angeles and San Diego, and all of the LA charges were highlighted, said Solov.

A co-worker went to the victim's residence after she failed to show up for her job, then had deputies check the house.

Chang is being held on $5 million bail and faces 26 years to life in prison if convicted.