Broken pipe floods streets in Midway District

Incident reported near Midway Dr. at Kemper St.

SAN DIEGO - A broken pipe caused quite a splash in the Midway District after city crews say a water line inside Home Depot ruptured Saturday morning, turning city roads into small rivers.

"You just see water gushing about five, six feet high and then it was just flooding it down into the street," said Lawrence Hanna, who works a car wash across the street.

He told 10News he noticed water leaking from the back lot of the Home Depot on the 3500 block of Sports Arena Boulevard and warned store managers a few days ago.

"There was a cone placed there the next day, a couple of hours after that. That was the extent of their problem solving," he said.

A man who identified himself as the Home Depot district manager did not want to be interviewed.

Firefighters told 10News city crews were struggling to find the valve to shut off the water for hours.

A spokesman with the city's public utilities department later told 10News this was not a water main break, but rather a pipe attached to the water main that ruptured.The pipe is connected to Home Depot's fire sprinkler system.

The water flooded an entire southbound lane on Midway Drive for about five city blocks.

The city says no water services were affected and no water damage was reported.

"It's Home Depot, it's a hardware store," said Hanna. "I think they could have done better than that."

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