Bride's purse, wallet stolen on her wedding day

SAN DIEGO - A young bride is using social media to find the woman who stole her purse and used her credit cards on her wedding day.

It was a beautiful June wedding at the Pala Mesa Resort. Michele Wilcox Tietz loves the photos memorializing her special day.

However, she also has some negative memories. The next day, she learned someone had stolen her purse while she was exchanging her vows.

"Somebody, between the time I left the bridal suite and walked up the stairs to the ceremony, had not only gone into the bridal suite and stole my wallet but began charging on it," said Tietz.

She said the thief ran up $1,400 in purchases in an hour and 12 minutes.

"Their first stop was at 6:32 at the gas station down the street and then they made their way to Escondido and had been at five places before we could get it turned off," she said.

A San Diego County sheriff's detective located surveillance pictures of the woman who was using the new bride's credit cards.

She showed 10News the photos and said, "That is actually my wallet that lady has in her hand. That wallet my husband bought me for Christmas last year and it has all my information in it, including the card she's using."

The detective gave her permission to post those surveillance pics on Facebook and the response was fast and furious.

"By the time I woke up in the morning, I had 387 shares and some inboxes with leads, none of which has panned out yet. Lots of attention; nobody can believe somebody'd take it from a bridal suite," said Tietz.

She said her faith in humanity has been tested.

"What type of person [lies] in wait to steal a bride's wallet while she's getting married? I feel disheartened and sickened," said Tietz.

The thief wasn't thorough, though, which was a plus. The honeymoon could have been wrecked, as the couple was headed to Canada.

"My passport, my checkbook and my cash were all intact in my suitcase, so we were able to take our honeymoon the very next day," she said.

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