Brett Anderson praying for Hannah Anderson's safe return, feels son Ethan died in Boulevard home

Missing teen believed to be in Idaho

SAN DIEGO - The father of missing Lakeside teen Hannah Anderson spoke to 10News at a vigil held for his daughter Friday evening.

"Right now, as a dad, I am mourning my son, longing for my daughter, missing my wife," Anderson told 10News reporter Preston Phillips in an interview following the vigil.

Anderson said he is praying long and hard for his daughter's safe return and trying to just keep it together in public, but added it's a different story when he gets home.

"It's a total breakdown. It's emotional, it's tiring, it's stressful, it's upsetting, but I've got a lot of support with family and friends and they're trying to hold it all together," Anderson said.

The remains of Anderson's wife, Tina, were found inside a Boulevard home earlier this week. Brett Anderson said he feels in his heart that the remains of the young boy also found inside that home are those of their 8-year-old son Ethan.

Anderson told 10News, "I know in my heart that it's him because if it wasn't him nobody else has come across saying [they] have a missing child. I know they're working on the DNA, it'll come out soon, but in my heart I know it was him."

Anderson said it's important to know that his daughter remains a victim in all this.

"She is absolutely a victim here, make no mistake. She is a smart girl. I'm sure she has a lot of mental stress going on right now and that she's doing the best that she can because she thinks that she needs to survive," he said.

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