Brendan Mathis pleads not guilty in sexual assault of 2 female escorts

Police say Mathis used Taser in attacks

SAN DIEGO - A man accused of sexually assaulting two female escorts in separate incidents and threatening to kill one of them with an ax pleaded not guilty Friday to eight felony charges and was ordered held on $4 million bail.

Brendan Mathis, 31, was arrested Wednesday after allegedly attacking a woman in her Mission Valley apartment.

Deputy District Attorney Mary-Ellen Barrett said Mathis is also charged in a similar attack Jan. 10 in which he allegedly Tased a woman, threatened to kill her and raped her.

Both women were paid escorts, according to San Diego police.

"This case is horrific, it is actually unimaginable but it happened, and it's frightening," Barrett said outside court "So anything we can do to protect victims and to see that they're protected in the future and see that justice is done is what we're going to have to do."

The prosecutor said Mathis made admissions after his arrest Wednesday, telling police that "something came over him" and that it was "dark." Mathis told police that he targeted the women for their vulnerability, Barrett said.

In the Jan. 10 attack, Mathis Tased the victim immediately after she let him into her Mission Valley hotel room and drove her to the ground, Barrett said.

Mathis allegedly bound the victim's hands and feet, blindfolded her, and told her that he had an ax and he was going to kill her, telling her that she should just go along and cooperate and not to scream, the prosecutor said.

The defendant allowed the victim to have a cigarette but flicked an ember into a private area of her body, Barrett said.

The prosecutor said Mathis forced the victim to commit a sex act on him, then raped her.

Barrett said the assault went on for four to five hours.

When Mathis took off the blindfold, the victim saw an ax, garden shears and a knife on a bed, the prosecutor said.

Mathis cut zip ties in front of the woman, then told her to get in the bathtub and take a shower and stay there until an alarm went out, Barrett said. Mathis then poked his head around a corner and "spooked" the victim one more time before leaving, according to the prosecutor.

In the Jan. 29 incident, Mathis went to a second woman's apartment in Mission Valley and began Tasing her upon entering, Barrett said.

The woman fought back, but Mathis got her into a back bedroom and bound her hands behind her back, the prosecutor said.

Mathis went toward his bag of tools -- presumably where his ax was -- and the woman attempted to escape through a second-story window, but the defendant grabbed her by the cloth handcuffs, Barrett said.

The cloth cuffs gave way, and the victim fell onto a large air conditioning unit and was able to get away. Mathis walked out onto the street and was apprehended, according to the prosecutor.

Mathis faces multiple life terms in prison if convicted.

He is charged with multiple counts of forced oral copulation, sexual penetration, rape, assault with intent to commit oral copulation and residential burglary.

Barrett said she "wouldn't be surprised" if there were more victims in the case, asking them to call San Diego police with any information.

A bail review is scheduled Feb. 5 with a readiness conference for Feb. 11. A preliminary hearing was set for Feb. 14.

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