Brazil becomes biggest customer for local hemp oil company

SAN DIEGO - A family in Brazil has turned to a local company to help their 6-year-old daughter who suffered from aggressive epileptic seizures.

Little Anny started having seizures when she was three. The family never lost hope despite the sadness.

"And it was this hope which made us search the whole world for something that could help,” said Katielle Fischer.

Her search led her to a Facebook page created by a mother in Dallas whose little girl Harper was also suffering from debilitating seizures. 

"I used to lay in bed every night and I would pray that if God didn't heal her, he would take her. And He never took her. So it was very hard,” said Harper’s mother Penny Howard.

Howard became a source of strength for the Fischers because she and her husband discovered a cannabis-based product that worked wonders for their daughter.

"It was a big deal because now we had our kid. We had our daughter,” said Howard.

The product the families say is a miracle cure is called Real Scientific Hemp Oil, made right here in San Diego. 

The challenge for the Fischers was that in Brazil, any product made of Cannabis was illegal.  Hence the title “Ilegal” for a Brazilian documentary that featured the Fischers.

Desperate, the family illegally imported the product also known as RSHO. Brazilian customs discovered a shipment one day and that led to a court case. The Fischers testified that product kept Anny alive - decreasing her seizures from 60 times a day to almost zero. The Brazilian government ruled it would be "inhumane" to keep it from little Anny. The Fischers set a precedent by changing their country’s law. 

Dr. Stuart Titus runs Medical Marijuana Inc. which makes RSHO. It’s the first public traded company of its kind.  And the first to work exclusively with Brazil. The company has agreed to pay for the product for about 1,000 qualified families in Brazil. 

“San Diego is really becoming a major center for the development of these wonderful CBD based products,” said Titus.

Brazil's landmark decision opens up a multi-million dollar hemp oil pipeline from San Diego.

“The Brazilian government and officials have shown the world a perfect example for ‘putting people over politics’ by providing hope to those who are struggling for accessibility to non-psychoactive hemp products,” said Titus.

The Fischers and Howards have never met. They plan to meet in a few months here in Southern California. 

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