Candidates for San Diego mayor get in last-minute campaigning

Carl DeMaio, Bob Filner spar over TV ads

SAN DIEGO - In less than 48 hours, San Diegans will decide who will be the city's next mayor. 10News on Sunday spoke with Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner, who were getting in last-minute campaigning.

"Nice to meet you," San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio told a constituent as he walked around the Point Loma farmers market on Sunday morning looking for votes.

DeMaio told 10News he is positive about his campaign as it moves into the final stretch. 

However, ads from both sides have been decidedly negative, including one which the DeMaio campaign decided to start running in the last couple of weeks. 

"I deal with frustrated travelers every day, but I never came across anybody like Bob Filner," a woman identified only as Joanne says in the ad. 

Joanne was apparently a baggage handler and she said had what she called a scary experience with Filner several years ago. The ad never says where the alleged incident happened. 

10News wanted to know why the DeMaio campaign waited until the last couple of weeks to release the ad.

10News reporter John Carroll asked DeMaio that question. He answered, "We are raising the issue of temperament. We're also raising the issue of fiscal reform." 

Carroll asked DeMaio the question three more times. DeMaio gave the same answer each time.

"You do not want to say why you waited until the last minute to release that ad?" Carroll asked. 

DeMaio responded, "I've laid out all the issues."

Not far from the farmers market, 10News caught up with Bob Filner, who was having lunch with friends at the Corvette Diner in Liberty Station. 

10News also asked him about that ad and if he had mistreated Joanne. He said he was just trying to get answers as to why a planeload full of baggage was three hours late. 

"I probably raised my voice a little too much, but passion is the hallmark of leadership and leadership gets things done," he said.
10News has a poll going on in the field on the San Diego mayoral race. The results will be released on Monday.

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