Boston bombings survivor inspired by challenged athletes competing in San Diego Triathlon

Thousands attend triathlon in La Jolla

SAN DIEGO - Thousands of people came out to support hundreds of challenged athletes who competed in the annual San Diego Triathlon on Sunday.

For this competition, it did not matter if you were competing as a challenged athlete or not. Once the triathlon started, it was about who had enough heart to finish.

Professional challenged athlete Scout Vassett told 10News, "Anything is possible. You don't have to stop living just because they've lost limbs."

This year, the Challenged Athletes Foundation brought more than 5,000 people together – from competitors to supporters – for the annual triathlon.

More than 200 competitors were challenged athletes, including three Boston Marathon bombing survivors. The foundation helped a few of them get the prosthetics they needed to compete.

Celeste Corcoran was with her family near the finish line of the Boston Marathon waiting for her sister when the first bomb went off. She lost both of her legs in the attack.

She says for the first time she felt whole again after spending time with challenged athletes.

"When you are at home, I'm the only person that's walking around going into the supermarket or whatever … I'm an oddity. Coming to something like this, it's like a brotherhood and sisterhood. It's like an extension of my family," said Corcoran.

It even inspired her to get up and get moving. Right now, she stands with help from her husband.

"It's in your own mind, you know, you have to think I can do it," she said. "There's nothing to hold me back. I have legs, I can do this."

It is a mentality many of the athletes live by.

More than $1 million was raised from Sunday's triathlon, and all of the money will go to the Challenged Athletes foundation, which will help other athletes succeed in sports.

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