Bomb squad, hazmat called to UC San Diego building

Urey Hall evacuated due to unstable chemical

LA JOLLA, Calif. - A hazardous materials team and a bomb squad unit responded to a report of an unstable chemical at a building on the UC San Diego campus.

Early Friday morning, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department dispatchers received a report of unstable chemcial in Urey Hall, a building used for laboratories.

Urey Hall, located on Scholar's Drive, was evacuated, according to authorities.

Garry MacPherson, director of UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety, issued this statement regarding the incident:

"After 7 a.m. this morning, we were made aware of a chemical called decalin that had crystalized in the basement of Urey Hall. Working with our partners, San Diego Fire, San Diego HazMat and San Diego County HazMat, we determined the best method to mitigate the condition of the chemical. The chemical was moved to as safe outside the building, which removed any threat that might have been associated with any further transportation of the chemical.

With safety as our utmost concern, we evacuated the building at which time the process began of removing the chemical. The chemical was destroyed with a blasting cap to neutralize the product safely. The building was then reoccupied without incident."

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