Bolts-Bengals faced off In Freeze Bowl: 1982 playoff game coldest in NFL history

Player Doug Wilkerson shares perspective

SAN DIEGO - The last time Cincinnati and San Diego faced each other in a playoff game was the 1982 AFC Championship known as the Freeze Bowl.

"I can remember going out for pre-game warmups and I put my finger on the ground and it stuck," said Doug Wilkerson, an All-Pro offensive lineman on the 1982 team.

The temperature that day was minus 9 degrees but with the wind chill, it brought the temperature down to minus 59.

Wilkerson, who played 14 seasons in the NFL, remembers that when the Chargers were headed down to one particular goal line, "they would open the doors on that end and let the wind blow through."

The referees, he said, eventually caught on and the doors remained shut after that.

The Chargers lost the 1982 game 27-7.  

The weather for this weekend's game will be considerably warmer, in the 40s.

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