Boltman ready for Chargers playoff run

Dan Jauregui first donned costume in 1990s

SAN DIEGO - Whether in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot before the game, in the stands during the game or mugging for network television, Boltman is hard to miss.

"I really believe in positive energy," said Dan Jauregui, the man under the Boltman costume.

Jauregui said he was motivated to start the project after the Chargers went to the Super Bowl in 1995.

"That was the spark," he said, but not the end.

He's been a fan favorite for years, and along the way updating Boltman's look. However, he took a three-year break from donning the costume.

"I took 2010, 2011 and 2012 off for a number of reasons but decided to come back in 2013," said Jauregui.

He's not the superstitious type, but he said, "Hey, they weren't in the playoffs in those years and now they are."

Come game day Jauregui unpacks Boltman, shoulder pads and all, and heads for the stadium.

"I just feel great when the fans come up and ask for an autograph or want a picture," he said.

It's all about raising Charger spirit, but he won't rest until the Chargers are back in another Super Bowl and win a championship.

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