'Bolder than Most' serial rapist to be released early

Victim tells 10News she's terrified

SAN DIEGO - The man who was dubbed the "Bolder than Most" rapist will be set free in November.

Alvin Quarles, then 25, was sentenced to 50 years in prison in 1989 after he pleaded guilty to four San Diego-area rapes.10News learned that Quarles, who is now almost 50, will be released this November. 

Quarles was dubbed "Bolder than Most" because he raped women in hotel rooms in front of their boyfriends.

"Try to make the men watch or try to … It was disgusting," said one of Quarles' victims, a woman who was only identified as "Cynthia."

While Quarles pleaded guilty to raping four women, he was suspected in more than a dozen San Diego-area rapes between 1985 and 1988.

Cynthia contacted 10News when she learned Quarles was getting out early from a 50-year prison sentence. She was too nervous to show her face or use her full name. 

Cynthia testified at Quarles' trial that he raped her in front of her boyfriend.

"I'm scared and disgusted that he's being let out," she said.

She said she been traumatized ever since. 

Cynthia recently contacted the Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services to check on Quarles' status. She was struck with fear when she learned he was being released this November.

"You just get nightmares," she said.  "You get flashbacks and they come back with a vengeance knowing that he's going to be out."

Cynthia said she wants to warn the other victims and the community.

"Know that he's getting out. Do something about it," she demanded.

Cynthia has already requested that Quarles cannot live within the maximum distance of her home: 35 miles. She wants the other women to do the same.

Quarles is being released early from a facility in San Luis Obispo after he accrued enough "good behavior" and "work time" credit.

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