Man dies in Lakeside mobile home fire despite heroic efforts by neighbors, firefighters

LAKESIDE, Calif. - Heroics were witnessed from both neighbors and firefighters Tuesday during a fire at the Shangri-La Mobile Home Park near Lake Jennings in Lakeside. Unfortunately, a man died and two others required hospital treatment.

Lakeside Fire Chief Andy Parr told 10News that neighbors saw flames coming out of the mobile home just after 10 a.m. 

A fire station was located next door and firefighters were on scene within minutes, but were too late to save the man trapped inside.

Susan Lane recalled, "There were flames coming out of everywhere and a lady screaming her head off."

Diana Jenkins was nearby as well. 

"I saw the flames and smoke, saw Rose yelling at her doorstep to get her husband out," said Jenkins. "She was frantic."

Lane said she and another nurse ran straight toward the fire. 

"She went in front of me and pulled the lady out," said Lane. "She didn't want to leave. She was hysterical."

The husband was calling for help but they could not get to him.

"There were boxes everywhere," said Lane. "We couldn't get past the boxes to save him."

As Lane dialed 911, Jasonn Nichols was a few doors down and he alerted firefighters over his backyard fence. 

"I came out and saw flames up to the tree already and I ran to the backyard," he said.

A Lakeside Fire station was just beyond that fence. 

"Called to them, they came about three minutes later," said Nichols.

Lane, who suffered minor burns to her neck, praised firefighters for their efforts. 

"They tried so hard to get in there, especially the lead one," she said. "I've never seen anybody fight so hard to get past the smoke and flames. It was heroic what he, what they did to try to get in to save him."

Parr noted the proximity of the fire station. 

"These people are our neighbors, not just citizens to protect, they’re also our neighbors," he said.

The dead man was not immediately identified. His wife and the woman who pulled her from the home were taken to UC San Diego Medical Center for treatment. 

Fire investigators were looking for the source and cause of the fire.

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