Boat capsizes in Mission Bay in the middle of a potential sale

Four people on board overturned boat

SAN DIEGO - A boat sale went terribly wrong Monday.

A San Diego Lifeguard sergeant said a 27-foot boat capsized in Mission Bay near Fiesta Island after the driver turned too quickly with two of his passengers at the top of a "tuna tower." The boat was top heavy.

"It looks just like an accident at this time," said lifeguard Sgt. Mike Cranston.

Four people were on the boat when it overturned.

"We're out there on the Jet Ski and they were right in front of me and I saw them turning and all of a sudden, they just went over," said Vince Sciarra, who was the first to reach the crew in the water.

Sciarra fetched the lifeguards.

"I think the guy who had the boat was kind of mad because he was trying to sell it," he said.

The sale is probably off. Adding insult to injury, the owner was injured in the accident. He was the only one taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The U.S. Coast Guard was also called because the boat dumped upwards of 50 gallons of gas into the bay.

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