Bizarre robbery reported at La Jolla hotel

Investigators looking into alleged robbery

LA JOLLA, Calif. - Police are investigating an alleged robbery that occurred at a La Jolla hotel Tuesday and left a man without his pants.

Preliminary reports indicate that a man, who was found in his underwear, told police he was robbed and kidnapped from his hotel room at the Residence Inn Marriot on Gilman Drive.

10News learned there was some sort of struggle in the alleged victim's room and that may be where his pants were pulled off.

He said he was forced to drive down La Jolla Village Drive and that the suspect took the keys to his rental car.

A suspect was arrested near the Residence Inn Marriot.

Police said they're unsure why the alleged suspect was found near the hotel while the alleged victim was in the car.

Both men were taken in for questioning. Police said the stories from the two men have been inconsistent.

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