Bitter battle over Barrio Logan plan: Decision looms for San Diego City Council

SAN DIEGO - After a legal challenge that signatures were collected through false information was denied, the San Diego City Council accepted the petitions to block the Barrio Logan update plan.

"The plan needs to be changed," said mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer at a waterfront news conference.

Faulconer supported the petition drive by waterfront workers and shipyard owners from the start.

"The inability of Congress to adopt a budget is already hurting waterfront jobs," Faulconer said in that news conference. "The city council has to protect these jobs as well."

His opponent in the run for mayor, David Alverez, not only supported the plan – which would create a buffer zone between industry and homes in the area – but worked toward a compromise to gain a 5-to-4 council approval.

"It was a legitimate compromise which is now being hijacked and basically bought off by a few folks that disagree," he said.

With the acceptance of the petitions, the council faces a choice next week: to either put the Barrio Plan on the ballot for a public vote, make changes and bring it forward again or repeal it. 

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