Billboard in Sorrento Valley entices San Diegans to work, live in Colorado

Sign put up about two weeks ago

SAN DIEGO - A billboard off a local freeway is enticing San Diegans to leave America's Finest City to work and live in Colorado.

The billboard, located on southbound Interstate 805 in the Sorrento Valley area, was put up about two weeks ago, according to several people who work in the area.

The billboard reads, "Colorado Called. Your New Job is Here." The billboard also shows a skier and then this sentence: "Colorado's state income tax is 4.63%."

Also on the billboard is a link to the website for Freewave Technologies, the company that put the advertisement up.

The Boulder, Colo.-based company specializes in industrial-type, business-to-business radios.

Some employees in the area told 10News they did not like the billboard.

Alex Dronick, who works near where the sign is erected, told 10News, "I would never want to break the law … but my first thought was to go up there, scratching Colorado out and say your job is still here in California."

Freewave Technologies spokeswoman Kelly Wenzel said, "Right now, we're going where the talent is and that is San Diego."

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